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Experience John Patrick Shanley's award-winning play in the surrounds of St Kilda's The Local Taphouse.


Welcome to allsorts PRODUCTIONS


Come experience this unique immersive perspective of the play Savage in Limbo - A Concert Play by John Patrick Shanley.


This “fly-on-the-wall’ perspective gives audience members a full sensory experience while being seated in the site specific surrounds of  The Local Taphouse, St Kilda

Now, let’s take you back ...


Set in the 80’s ‘Savage in Limbo’ tells the story of five lonely misfits who by chance meet in a Bronx bar called ‘Scales’. Whilst trying to find themselves, they find each other. To make a change in their mundane lives and escape Limbo, they must hash out their past, present, and future.



Denise Savage, a frustrated and perennial loner, feels that losing her virginity is the only way to achieve the change she yearns. 


Linda Rotunda, a hot headed overripe Italian, has been blindsided by the man that she loves, Tony, who is leaving her to pursue “ugly girls,” and who himself has found a thirst for knowledge.


April, a failed nun, who’s hard life has led her to this moment. And Murk, her confidant and the unintentional gatekeeper of this miserable bunch as the owner of ‘Scales’, who himself is lost in the world of his own misfortune.


From the multi-award winning writer behind  ‘Moonstruck’, ‘Doubt’ and ‘Danny and the Deep Blue Sea’. All Sorts Productions brings you John Patrick Shanley’s  ‘Savage in Limbo’


Anna Burgess as Denise Savage 

Adele Elasmar as Linda Rotunda

Ross Chisari as Tony Aronica

Katharine Innes as April White

Dennis Manahan as Murk


Director - Maurice Mammoliti

Associate Producer - Claudia Greenstone

Production Manager - Ruby Duncan

Set Design - All Sorts Productions

Costume - Collaboration between Actor and All Sorts

May 31st –June 12th.

*Limited seating.

*Some course language - Audience members 15+ years.


This immersive experience will be performed in the surrounds of The Local Taphouse St Kilda, supporters of the arts.


See you at the bar!

allsorts Productions


May 31st - June 12th , 2022

The Local Taphouse

184 Carlisle St

St Kilda East VIC 3183



Promo 2 Murk and April .jpg


Experience this unique, 'fly on the wall' pespective of John Patrick Shanley's Savage in Limbo, directed by Maurice Mammoliti.


May 31st - June 12th 2022 AT THE LOCAL TAPHOUSE

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