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all sorts productions


all sorts productions was established in 2018 with a vision to immerse the audience in a full sensory experience, were audiences would have a unique fly on the wall perspective.


Our aim is to set the shows in an ultra realistic settings to transport you the audience to the time and place in which the play is set. Gone are the plash red seats, the lights and stage to audience relationship, to a fully realistic setting were the location is minimally touched for a fully immersed experience. 

all sorts productions' Founder and Artistic Director Maurice Mammoliti has worked most of his life in the independent theatre sector and dedicates his time to this passion of producing unique theatre and other expressive art forms.


We are constantly looking for new opportunities to set ourselves apart from any other production company.

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Artistic Director Maurice Mammoliti

meet our founder

Like many theatre artists, Maurice Mammoliti was born an entertainer. The youngest of six immigrant children growing up in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne meant artistic luxuries weren’t easily afforded. However, unlike many other artists, Maurice’s parents saw his potential, supporting his artistic dreams from singing and dancing as a child to acting and performing through high school and beyond.


At 18, Maurice not only acted in Jesus Christ Superstar, he also signed up as Head Costume Designer. He completed a Bachelor of Performing Arts whilst training as a classical musician, before continuing to further his studies at Melbourne’s Victorian College of the Arts (VCA). Maurice’s relentless pursuit to embrace artistic opportunities saw him immerse himself fully in Melbourne’s Independent Theatre sector, before a two-year hiatus in France helped him reconnect to his true purpose.


With a renewed sense of self, Maurice dove back in to the industry, expanding his repertoire to include film and TV. Working with the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) in Production Management, Maurice gained valuable experience in set design and props, while spending evenings immersing himself in the valuable trainings of the Melbourne Actors Lab. His in-depth exploration of Stanislavski, Adler and Meisner transformed Maurice’s performance ability, and while he continued to work as an actor for the following five years, he began to discover the pull of directing to be much, much stronger.


“I realised that even though I loved to act it wasn’t giving me all I needed and with all my knowledge gained over the years felt that I was better suited to creating art from the ground up. I wanted to put on plays that “I” wanted to, but in a unique way.


I found that directing actors was something I was good at. Coming from an acting background I consider myself an actors’ director and being able to cast the right actors for roles and because of my quest for truth in a performance and attention to detail to bring out their best ability feed me creatively.”


And so, all sorts productions was born.


all sorts productions’ inaugural show was one of Maurice’s favourite plays, The Importance of Being Earnest, reimagined at one of Melbourne’s most historical venues, Labassa Mansion in Caulfield North. The sold-out 2019 season saw audience members fully immersed in the period: a culmination of Maurice’s years’ of set design, props, costume, production and acting experience.


“It’s my aim to not only entertain as I always wanted to, but to give the audience a unique experience of immersion that they won’t forget”.